All our products can be shipped abroad, you will find all the details relating to deliveries abroad in our " Deliveries and returns " section.

PhytaNatura HERBOVITAL uses the Colissimo service of La Poste for all its shipments. It is generally found that an order placed before noon is delivered in 3 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).
The Customer will be able to follow the progress of his package from the moment he receives the shipping notice.

You will find below a summary of our return conditions. However, for more details, we invite you to consult the section Deliveries and Returns in the General Conditions of Sale (CGV) .

The Customer is required to check the condition of the products delivered. He has a period of 48 hours from delivery to formulate complaints by post and email, accompanied by all the supporting documents relating thereto (photos in particular).

The Seller will replace as soon as possible and at its expense, the Products delivered whose lack of conformity or visible or hidden defects have been duly proven by the Customer, under the conditions provided for in articles L 217-4 and following of the Code of consumption and those provided for in these GCS. The shipping costs will be borne by the customer in the case of an order return for non-compliance or deterioration due to the seller and will be subject to compensation in the form of a credit note.

In the event of deterioration of the package during transport, the customer must make a complaint upon receipt and have this deterioration noted with the carrier/deliveryman Colissimo. If the product is damaged during transport, the customer can refuse the package and return it to the sender.

With a 100% vegetable formulation, 100% natural and high quality active ingredients, falling within the regulatory category of Natural Preparations of Little Concern (PNPP) and in particular Natural Substances for the Use of Biostimulants (SNUB), The products of the PHYTANATURA range are biodegradable, safe for humans, animals and the environment. They are a real alternative to plant protection products and are therefore perfectly compatible with the national ECOPHYTO plan.

All products in the PHYTANATURA range fall into the category of PNPPs (Natural Preparations of Little Concern) and in particular SNUBs (Natural Substances for Use as Biostimulants), and are therefore all usable in organic farming, as indicated in the reading guide of the INAO.

All products in the PhytaNatura range fall into the category of PNPPs (Natural Preparations of Little Concern) and in particular SNUBs (Natural Substances for Use as Biostimulants), and can therefore all be used in organic farming as well as in conventional agriculture.

All the products in the PhytaNatura range are hydro-dispersible liquid solutions, intended to be used as a spray, most often on the leaves. They can perfectly be associated with treatment products. Constituting a real alternative to pesticides, they can also be combined with lower doses of treatment products.

You will find all the details of their use in the sections: how to use it? specific to each product but also in the general conditions of use .

Through their global action, aimed at supporting plants subjected to attacks, our products do not lead to the eradication of parasites by direct biocidal action. They have also been specifically formulated so as not to harm the environment, however, as a precaution due to the presence of essential oils and in order to avoid interference with auxiliary insects as much as possible, we recommend an application preferably in the morning. or in the evening depending on the weather.